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The Mansa cigar highlights and celebrates the people of Africa and the African diaspora as the first and largest contributors to the commercialization of tobacco around the world. As an African American I take great pride in the history and wealth of our people and culture. I want to bring forth my love premium cigars and shed some light on the history Africans played on the world of tobacco. Tobacco, like coffee shows historical origins in Africa.

About the Owners

The more I came to study the influence Africans played in the history of tobacco and tobacco cultivation, the more I wanted to develop a brand with an African theme. Whom better than Mansa Musa, the 14th century African Emperor who remains to this day as the wealthiest person ever to adorn artwork of my cigars.

My passion for African history, culture, and our people run in my blood. I have the same passion for tobacco and for creating memorable blends people will want to enjoy and revisit often.

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